About Dian Motors

Based in Canada’s national capital of Ottawa, DIAN Motors Inc. is an importer and distributor of personal recreational products established in 2021. After rapidly achieving great success for the Surron brand of electric bikes in North America, DIAN is excited to distribute the exciting Sava Powered Surfboards line in the USA and Canada.

DIAN provides a catch-all distribution solution for powersports and recreational products. Our team handles importation, sales, logistics, dealer management, customer service, parts, and marketing. Dealers interested in joining the Sava network in North America can fill out the Dealer Application Form or contact team@dianmotors.com.

About Sava

SAVA is a manufacturer of bicycles, ebikes and powered surfboards. Founded in 2014, SAVA works tirelessly to create the best products possible.

Over the years, SAVA has earned a reputation for being a pioneer and global leader in carbon fiber manufacturing, offering high-end quality and components at a price unmatched in the industry.

After introducing its gas-powered surfboard in 2022, SAVA launching the all-electric E1B surfboard to compete with the best brands on the market - at a fraction of the price.


What is SAVA carbon fiber powered surfboard?
A: SAVA is a high-performance, electric, carbon fiber surfboard that can be controlled with a wireless handheld remote control.

How fast can the SAVA carbon fiber powered surfboard go?
A: The max speed of the SAVA is 55km/h

How long does the battery last?
A: Continuous use can be used for 90mins , but it depends on factors such as speed, weight, and wave conditions.

How long does it take to charge the battery?
A: It takes approximately 5h to fully charge the battery.Show green light is fully charged

Can the SAVA be used in saltwater?
A: Yes,But it needs to be cleaned after use

How much does the SAVA carbon fiber powered surfboard weigh?
A: The weight of the SAVA is approximately 57lbs.

Is the SAVA waterproof?
A: Yes, SAVA is waterproof, and all the electronics are sealed to prevent water damage.

Is your surfboard an electric surfboard or a fuel surfboard?
A: we have two models, electric surfboard and fuel surfboard

What is the maximum weight limit for SAVA?
A: The maximum weight limit for the SAVA is 330lbs.

Is SAVA easy to control?
A: Yes, SAVA is easy to control through the handheld remote control.

How much noise does SAVA make?
A: SAVA makes a small amount of noise, but it is not loud enough to disturb others.

How far can the SAVA ride on one charge?
A: The SAVA can ride up to 50 miles on a single charge.

Can you ride SAVA in small waves?
A: Yes, SAVA is designed to be used in small to medium-sized waves.

What is the warranty on the SAVA?
A: SAVA comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Where is the SAVA made?
A: SAVA is designed by a German design team and produced in China

Is the SAVA safe for beginners?
A: Yes, the SAVA is safe for beginners, but it is recommended that beginners practice in a controlled environment.

Can I take the SAVA on an airplane?
A: Yes, the SAVA is safe for air travel, But you may need to remove the battery and motor

Can I use the SAVA in the rain?
A: It is not recommended to use SAVA in the rain or during thunderstorms.

Is the SAVA environmentally friendly?
A: Yes, the SAVA is environmentally friendly, as it produces zero carbon emissions.

How much does the Kootuboard cost?
A: Our boards are currently selling for under $9,000, which is relatively cheap in the surfboard market